Smokeless Stove

Many areas in Nepal rely on open fires for cooking. This creates many health risks. It is not uncommon for children to be burned or even killed by rolling into the fire while sleeping. Not only this but without a chimney, smoke is trapped within the mud huts. This continual exposure can lead to lung cancer and respiratory problems.

By eliminating this health risk, people are able to improve their lives and make their homes a safer place.

What is a Smokeless Stove?

A smokeless stove is a fireplace and chimney built out of mud with an opening to add fuel on the side and several holes to put cooking pots on. Building it is a simple process and within two hours of training, a person can know how to build one on their own.

The beauty of this type of stove is its very easy to fix. If it breaks, all the person has to do is gather a little mud and patch it.

How is it Fueled?

Nepal has a major problem with deforestation. This can cause erosion and ruin crops. Trainers teach about and encourage the use of briquettes. These are made of charcoal, egg shells, and other compost mixed together and pressed into a mold.

There are several benefits in using this type of fuel. It dramatically decreases the amount of wood used which prevents deforestation. Also, many women spend most of their day gathering wood to cook and warm their houses. By creating a quick fuel source, much of their time is saved and allows them to do things like attend H.E.L.P. literacy classes.


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